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Our collective members have worked at some great companies:



Bob (Writer)

Bob is a content strategist and copywriter with nearly three decades of experience in financial services, insurance, health care and medical device marketing. He knows his way around these highly regulated industries and has produced compelling content for dozens of exacting clients. His strengths include bringing a distinctly creative approach to marketing, writing effectively and intelligently in a range of styles to appeal to specific target audiences, and working collaboratively to produce high-quality work that gets results. Click here to see Bob's experience and work samples.

John (Writer)

John is a veteran marketing content manager, senior-level copywriter, content and messaging strategist, and SEO keyword researcher with over 25 years of experience in providing award-winning services for a wide variety of leading B2B companies. John’s strongest specialties are in technology, financial, and healthcare. However, he has worked in a broad range of other B2B industries too, including many global organizations, and over 30 companies in the Fortune 500. Click here to see John's experience and work samples.

Shawn (Designer)

Shawn is an award-winning graphic designer. A former art director at Apple Computer and the founding designer for Dwell Magazine, he opened his own studio in 2008. His work includes everything from branding to illustration, and has been recognized by prestigious design competitions, magazines, and books. In addition, Shawn has taught courses in publication design, typography, and identity design. Click here to see Shawn's experience and work samples.


Emily (Designer)

Emily received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked for multiple Chicago based Architecture/Interior Design firms in various branding strategy groups. She focuses on print and experiential graphic design and helping companies communicate within their workplaces to convey messages, tell their story, and engage employees and visitors. Click here to see Emily's experience and work samples.

Dan (Designer & Director)

Dan is an art director and branding designer working predominately in digital marketing. His approach to problem solving is firmly rooted in minimalism, relying heavily on the core semiotic elements of a given project’s messaging and imagery. Along with logos and identity items, his strength lies in micro web content that utilizes animation, film, and photography. Click here to see Dan's experience and work samples.

Doug (Photographer)

Doug was born in Princeton, NJ, but raised in a suburb of Minneapolis. He has a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison, but still can’t spell to save my life. He teaches part-time at Columbia College Chicago and lives in a quaint burg just outside the city limits of Chicago. He's worked for companies as large as International Paper and as small as some local free newspaper you find in a coffee shop. And he loves anything that gets him traveling. Click here to see Doug's experience and work samples.

Lisa (Writer)

Lisa is a writer, editor and consultant focused primarily on the investment management industry. She has nearly two decades of experience in financial services. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Economics and Literature. Lisa began her career working in advertising agencies, specifically in account planning and consumer research. Lisa believes that the more you understand your audience, the better your writing will be. Click here to see Lisa's experience and work samples.

Jenn (Photographer)

Jenn is a Chicago based lifestyle and brand photographer. She specializes in environmental portraiture that reflects your personality and elevates your brand authentically. She also provides custom style stock photography that can be used on your website and in social media to communicate your service offerings and some of the intangible aspects of your business. Click here to see Jenn's experience and work samples.


Ryan (Designer)

Born and raised in New Hampshire and very proud of his New England upbringing, The 'Live Free or Die' motto is well rooted. Classically trained in Visual Communications from the Art Institute, Chicago. He also studied abroad at the Basel School of Design HGK (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst) in Basel, Switzerland. As much as he adores beautiful design that is digitally rendered, handmade works have a huge influence on his design process. Click here to see Ryan's experience and work samples.

Drew (Video Producer)

Drew is a producer, writer, and editor living in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Having created for clients with an international reach, Drew's work has been seen in several continents across the world. His experience in video production includes over 15 years of concept development, script writing, voiceover performance, and line producing for a variety of projects including short films, company promos, and special events advertising. Click here to see Drew's experience and work samples.

Ed (Designer and Animator)

Ed has over 12 years of experience in the design, interactive, and video production spaces and has honed his skills working on award-winning projects for fortune 500 brands. His strength lies in understanding the significance of brand identity and leveraging that power in building and positioning brands to connect emotionally with their audiences through great experiences, beautiful stories, and brilliant design. Click here to see Ed's experience and work samples.

Matthew (Writer)

With nearly two decades of experience, Matt’s wealth of advertising and marketing knowledge is almost as impressive as his fervent passion for caffeine, music, literary fiction, sneakers and cynicism. While rooted in digital, he applies this discipline across all channels, showcasing an entirely 360 approach so that his communications are seamless, cohesive and universal. Click here to see Matthew's experience and work samples.

Richard (Writer)

Richard is a professional ghostwriter, Senior LinkedIn Branding Expert, and blogger. His passion is to help businesses and individuals strengthen their brand, establish their credibility and prove their expertise. Richard has written and published 63 books on a variety of subjects (including 2 bestsellers), ghostwritten 16 books, and authored over a thousand of articles for blogs and social media. Click here to see Richard's experience and work samples.

Jes (Designer)

Jes is a Chicago based Designer/Creative Director. Her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Print and the Webbys. Her design philosophy is grounded in a relentless sense of detail, innovation, and a belief that all design elements must fundamentally relate to the core communication goals of clients and the behavior of their audiences. Most of all, a simple, clean interface & design always puts a smile on her face. Click here to see Jes's experience and work samples.

Marcus (Writer)

Marcus is a twenty-year creative veteran, copywriter, and live-action director. He’s worked for the big global agencies in London, San Francisco, Singapore and Denver. He’s run a creative department inside a Fortune 500 company and honed his craft at a boutique video production company. Marcus is a deep strategic thinker who always wrings the unexpected from the written word. He delivers insightful and imaginative concepts and copy for every project he works on. Click here to see Marcus's experience and work samples.