Infinity-Loop2x.png B2B Content Marketing Strategy (in 90 Days)


Do You Need a Content Strategy, but Are Nervous About Working With Someone Who Doesn’t Get Your Business?


Your business is unique. That's nothing new, you've been saying that for years, haven't you? 


In fact, it probably took you years to really understand how your industry and company functions.


But that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing now. Why? You've probably experienced tension between departments since everyone has unique content marketing needs. And let me guess, you're constantly juggling requests between marketing, sales, human resources, and product management right? 


Why do we bring this up? Because we get your business.


We understand what you're up against, both inside and outside your company.


Why is this so crucial when it comes to content marketing? Because if someone doesn't understand your business, they can't build an effective content strategy.


That's where 26 Characters comes in. We specialize in B2B content marketing. 


In fact, did you know that's all we do? Want to know how we do it so well? 


We have experts in a number of industries. Looking for someone who lives and breathes tech, professional services or healthcare? Yep, we've got you covered. How about manufacturing or a membership driven business? Yep, we've got those covered too, along with many others.


You see, when you combine smart B2B content marketers with industry expertise, things get a whole lot easier for you, and your business.


And you know what that means? More impactful content for your business and less stress for you.




Wouldn’t It Feel Great If Someone Solved Your Content Problems in 90 Days?

Who did we create the 90 day strategy for? B2B marketers who are looking for a proven partner to come in and create a content strategy that works. In 90 days, you'll have a clear game plan for how you're going to win using content marketing.

What type of content marketing are we talking about? It's not just from a brand perspective, or just from a customer perspective, or just from a business perspective. It's all three combined. Yes, it's possible to do all three. We're excited to show you how.

The team that works on your content strategy has proven B2B experience. Steve Goldhaber, our Founder and CEO, leads all strategy projects personally. Steve was in charge of global digital content at two Fortune 500 companies, so he knows what you're up against, both inside and outside your company. 

In addition to our CEO being your partner, we pull in experienced writers and designers based on your industry. What are their credentials?

These are content marketers at the top of their game. They're thought leaders whose articles appear in industry publications like B2B Marketing, LinkedIn, The Content Marketing Institute and Fortune. They've also worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies for the past 20+ years.

Why is this important? This makes it easier for you to work with us since we already have a head start on knowing your problems and how to solve then.

And our team is senior. We have over 20 years of experience on average. How does this help you? This experience translates into better work, faster turnaround times and a "hiccup free" work environment. 


Build a compelling story around your company launch


Did You Know That Companies Who Do the Following Three Things Have More Success With Content Marketing?

1) Set clear goals so you know what success means

Without focus from the start, you can get pulled in unproductive directions. We start by asking "what marketing or business problems are we trying to solve?"

2) Develop an internal communication plan to ensure a smooth rollout.

Engaging the right people at the right time is critical to development an implementation of your plan.

3) Think ahead and understand how to activate your plan.

We belive great strategy is always connected to execution. That's why the 90-day planning process addreses tactics like channels, messages and content creation calendars.

What If We Did All the Work and Made You Look Good?  

Want to know how else we make your job easier? We build everything in your PowerPoint template. Why? So you can take credit for all the work. You don't even have to create one slide. How does that sound?


What Questions Do People Ask Before Signing Up for Our 90 Day Service?


Q. How much does it cost?

 Click here to see the pricing.


Q. Why does it take 90 days?

From our experience, this is the right amount of time for most organizations to adopt change. If you feel like your company can move faster, we can change our approach to speed things up.


Q. Who will work on my content strategy?

Steve Goldhaber, the Founder & CEO of 26 Characters personally leads the bootcamp. Steve is the former global head of digital and content marketing for two Fortune 500 companies. He has 20+ years experience in marketing, and knows how to deliver effective strategy work. We assemble a team that has proven experience in your industry. Have a look at our team and you can get a sense of our experience.


Q. How will we work with each other?

At the beginning of the project, we share our system and what we'll cover in 90 days. At the beginning of the project, we book all our meetings for the next 90 days. This makes scheduling easy, and keeps everyone on track. We use a real time project management and collaboration tool so you are plugged into what we're doing. And, of course, on top of this, we have various presentations and check ins. And, we'll ask for feedback along the way to see how everything is going in case we need to adjust anything.


Q. What information do you need to get started?

Once we sign an NDA, you'll send over the following information: any research or customer insight relevant to the project, an existing business or marketing plan, results from recent content marketing campaigns, brand standards, your company branded PowerPoint template (since we do the work inside you template) and any other background you think it helpful. 


Q. How soon can you start working?

Our schedule depends on how many strategy projects we're working on. We can usually start a project within weeks after you sign our agreement.


Q. What are the deliverables I get once the project is finished?

The main deliverable is a complete content strategy delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. Within that template there are creative deliverables such as concepts and mockups that show how your content could be brought to life.


Q. What if I need help after the content strategy is complete?

The package includes up to 10 hours of consulting once the project is complete.



How Do We Launch Your Content Strategy in 90 Days?

What's it like to work with us? We use a variety of techniques to provide the most effective content strategy. Throughout the 90 days, we'll use a combination of workshops, brainstorms, one on one interviews, surveys and readouts to make sure everyone is aligned and excited about the work.

Here are the areas we focus on:

1) Solidifying Your Goals: Based on what you want to achieve, we outline how you can  best use content marketing to achieve unique business objectives.

2) Understanding Your Audience: We map out the key audiences you want to reach. We also dig in to understand the problems they have and understand how content marketing can help.

3) Selecting the Right Channels: We determine how to best support your marketing efforts using the right channels, frequency and timing to maximize impact.

4) Outlining Key Analytics: We put together a plan to make sure you can measure the performance and impact of your program. If you don't have the right technology in place, we make recommendations on how to get you there.

5) Creating a Storytelling Framework: We build the narrative theme that makes your message unique and compelling. This is extremely important because it sets up all future content up for success by being able to identify with your audience.

6) Concepting a Creative Approach: Working within your brand standards, we bring to life what your content program might look like. These includes templates such as ebooks, infographics and social media posts.

7) Building a 12-Month Editorial Plan: We plan and activate integrated stories that support your overarching marketing message.

8) Aligning on a Content Production Approach: We review the different content production models so you understand which one will be the best fit for you. This leaves you with a good plan in place to make the transition from strategy to execution.


Make sure your next product launch isn't just another blip on the radar.


Are You Serious About Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?


You'll have more success with content marketing if you: 


1) Adopt a proven planning approach that aligns various departments and agendas.

Having a proven process is the most important part of a content strategy. If you don't use one, you're going to lose focus pretty quickly. Our proven content marketing planning approach focuses you on what's most important. 


 2) Make the commitment to get It done. 

Content strategy projects are easy to delay, since you can jump right into execution. Don't get caught in this trap! Make sure you commit to building an effective content strategy.


3) Let someone show you the way.


This stuff isn't easy. It may appear to be at first. But you'll quickly realize that having someone help with your content strategy will save you time and money. And, ultimately, the content you end up creating will be better, and more impactful.







Would You Like To See Our Pricing?

Let us build your B2B content strategy for you. Use 26 Characters' Content Strategy in 90 Days to: 

  • Understand what ingredients go into a successful content strategy.
  • Get alignment on how to leverage content marketing.
  • Get access to the tools and processes to set you up for success.