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Steve is the Founder & CEO of 26 Characters, a content marketing collective. Their hand-picked writers, photographers, designers and strategic brainiacs are among the 26 best in the business at showing and telling what you’re all about. Combine that with sensible pricing and a content menu where you can literally point to what you want, and you get 26 Characters – a better way to create content.

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What Happened 365 Days Later?

By | on 25, Sep 2018 |   story content marketing collective

One year ago, I wrote this post, where I officially announced 26 Characters.

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8 ways to make sure your B2B employee advocacy program doesn't flop

By | on 11, Jun 2018 |   tips

Note: This post originally appeared in B2B Marketing. Click here to see it on their website. Employee advocacy programs have been all the rage the past two to three years. They’re capable of deliverin[...]

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9 Ways to Sell Your Ideas to the CMO

By | on 24, Apr 2018 |   tips b2b

It can be frustrating if a great marketing idea ends up going nowhere, getting rejected due to CMOs and other internal decision-makers being “not interested” or “too busy.”

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5 Ways for Your Marketing Team to Create Content

By | on 21, Dec 2017 |   b2b content marketing collective

Many say creating content is hard – ever wondered why? It’s because most people don’t fully understand how much talent is required throughout the process. They also don’t know all about different ways[...]

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Relax... Here Are 5 Ways to Prove Your B2B Content Marketing Works

By | on 06, Dec 2017 |   measurement

As a marketer, I take pride in my ability to self-evaluate my performance. B2B content marketing can be especially tricky. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

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The Insider’s Guide to Getting the Most out of your 2018 Content Marketing Budget

By | on 30, Nov 2017 |   content budget tips

Many of us may already be deep into the budgeting process for 2018. You probably already have a good understanding of how much you’ll have in the upcoming year, and you probably have been presenting y[...]

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Proof that Listening is More Important than Talking...

By | on 15, Nov 2017 |   listening company launch

About two months ago, I announced my new business via a LinkedIn article. As part of the story I told, I asked people for their advice. I received 89 solid responses (which I've summarized below)

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How a Content Marketing Collective Can Lower Your B2B Blood Pressure

By | on 02, Nov 2017 |   content content marketing collective b2b

We all know content marketing has transformed the way B2B companies grow. But most people don’t realize an important aspect of it – companies are not having as much success as they should.

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“What’s Our Digital Strategy?” You’re Asking the Wrong Question!

By | on 11, Oct 2017 |   strategy digital

Have you ever asked:

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What’s the Best Advice You Can Give Someone Who’s Starting Their Own Company? (Btw.. That Someone Is Me)

By | on 15, Sep 2017 |   story company launch

I’ve definitely felt this way before. I remember it distinctly. It was 7am in October 2003. I was at the starting line of the Chicago Marathon, squashed between 40,000 other runners like a pack of sar[...]

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