Infinity-Loop2x.png The Three Day Content Strategy Bootcamp


Are You a B2B Company That Needs a Quick Content Strategy, Without Breaking the Bank?


If you're reading this, you've probably been trying to put together a content strategy.


But you're not getting enough traction, right? Don't worry... this is very common.


Did you know that most people try to jump right into creating content? We wish it was that easy. But from our years of experience, it's not.


You want to take action, but you're not sure the best way, right?


You've been having this conversation with yourself, and maybe even your boss, for the last 6-12 months. 


And it's actually getting a little embarrassing. Why?


You're not making any progress! 


Has anyone said the following to you?


"We seem to be having the same strategy meeting over and over... why aren't we getting anywhere?"


"Didn't we talk about this last year? Why hasn't there been more progress?"


"Why aren't we creating more content? What's holding us back?"


In a perfect world, you'd hire a team to come in and do all the content strategy for you. But you don't have the budget or time. 


Don't worry. We created a unique, three-day program to get you what you need.


Here's how it works - we teach you our proven content strategy system, and then help you implement it.


And of course, it's delivered lightning fast - in just three days.



So What's the Three Day Content Strategy Bootcamp? And How Can It Help your Company?

It's a combination of learning and doing. We come to your office and teach our proven system. Then, we roll up our sleeves and help create your content strategy with you.

You'll learn everything you need for an effective content strategy. You'll understand what goes into a successful content marketing plan. You'll get alignment on how to leverage content marketing. And you'll know the tools and processes that will set you up for success.

A majority of your content strategy will be built in three days. Of course, this varies based on how much you know about your customer and how fast you make decisions.

But, if you come prepared and bring the right people, you'll have a majority of your plan finished by the end of the bootcamp.


Build a compelling story around your company launch


What Are the Main Benefits of Going Through the Bootcamp? 

1) Understanding the Ingredients of a Successful Plan

As you've already discovered, content marketing is not like other forms of marketing. Building out the right strategy can be complicated. We break down the different parts of a successful plan, so you can understand any parts you're missing.


2) Getting Alignment on How to Leverage Content Marketing

We know that getting internal alignment can be tough, especially balancing the needs of Sales, Marketing and your customer. The benefit of using 26 Characters is we're a third party that provides a neutral perspective. 26 Characters provides the neutral perspective of a 3rd party, helping you get consensus and alignment faster.

3) Accessing the Tools and Process to Set You Up for Success

Getting the strategy right in the beginning, and having the tools you need setup from the beginning sets the stage for on-going adaptability and success.

You'll also get access to 90+ slides of content marketing templates. That's gonna make your life easier, isn't it?

No need to start from scratch. As part of this package, you get access to over 90 PowerPoint templates. Using these will simplify and focus how your content strategy is built. And, of course, your presentation will look great.


What Questions Do People Ask Before Signing Up for The Three Day Strategy Bootcamp?


Q. How much does it cost?

 Click here to see the pricing.


Q. Is the bootcamp for multiple companies at once?

No. It's just for one company at a time.


Q. Who from 26 Characters leads the bootcamp?

Steve Goldhaber, the Founder & CEO of 26 Characters personally leads the bootcamp. Steve is the former global head of digital and content marketing for two Fortune 500 companies. He has 20+ years experience in marketing, and knows how to deliver effective strategy work.


Q. How much time should we set aside each day?

We usually spend 3-4 hours each day in training sessions. We prefer to do these in the morning. That way we have the afternoon to develop components of your content strategy. We also keep our schedule free in the afternoon, just in case anyone needs one-on-one help.


Q. What should we expect at the end of the bootcamp?

By the end of the bootcamp, most of your content strategy will be complete. This will vary based on how much information you know about your customer, and how fast you make decisions in the bootcamp.


Q. Is this in person or over the phone?

We recommend everything be conducted in person. If your company is outside of Chicago, please see our price sheet for U.S. and International travel fees.


Q. What happens before our bootcamp session? 

We have a orientation call with the company leader of the content strategy. We talk about the specific needs of the business, and see if we need to modify our standard approach.


Q. How many bootcamp sessions do you offer each month?

We offer two per month.


Q. What if I have questions or need help after the bootcamp?

There are four hours of consulting included in the bootcamp package once the week is over. 



What Does the Agenda Typically Look Like?

We'll cover off on the following parts of your content marketing strategy. Here's what the typical bootcamp looks like: 


Introductions and discovery meetings: We meet with 3-5 people one one to understand their perspective, and what they hope to accomplish during the bootcamp.

Selecting content marketing goals that will have the most impact on your business: The challenging part of content marketing is that it can have an impact on several parts of your business. We explore the different ways it can help, ranging from long-term programs to drive thought leadership, to sales-driven programs that need to show short-term lift in conversion.

Getting inside the mind of your customer and understand how you can solve their problems: Companies that listen to their customer needs and think about how they can use content marketing to solve them will have the most success with content marketing. We walk you through how we surface these customer problems, and design content around them.


Selecting the right marketing channels to make sure you're reaching your audience: With the abundance of marketing channels today, you need to be smart about where you want to focus your time. We look at the various channels available to you so you can get the most "bang for your buck."

Building a measurement framework to make sure you have the right tools in place: Having a strong measurement plan is essential to the long-term success of your content marketing strategy. Without this, your team and your leadership aren't going to be sure how it's working. And with content marketing, you're not going to have success overnight, so you need to get alignment on how everyone should be evaluating the success of your program.

Creating a storytelling framework to effectively capture the attention of your customer: Creating content isn't as easy about brainstorming ideas and having creative people bring them to life. We use a proven storytelling system that outlines what each content piece needs to hit on. This ensures your content will consistently resonate with your audience.


Creating a 12-Month Editorial Planning guide to provide publishing focus and consistency: We're big believers that in order for a strategy to be effective, it needs to have tactical implications. We guide you through the key elements of a 12-month editorial plan. Completing this plan is essential to setting you up for success when it comes to all future content you create.

Knowing the roles and resources you need to create content: Creating effective content isn't as easy as hiring a writer. There are different roles and production approaches to use for different scenarios. We outline what these are so you don't have any false starts when it's time to create content.


Make sure your next product launch isn't just another blip on the radar.


Are You Serious About Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?


You'll have more success with content marketing if you - 


1) Adopt a proven planning approach that aligns various departments and agendas 

Having a proven formula is the most important part of your content strategy. If you don't use one, you're going to lose focus pretty quickly. Our proven system focuses you on what's most important. 


2) Make the commitment to get it done 

Content strategy projects are easy to put off, since you can jump right into execution. Don't get caught in this trap! Make sure you commit to building an effective content strategy.


3) Let someone show you the way


This stuff isn't easy. It may appear to be at first. But you'll quickly realize that having someone help with your content strategy will save you time and money. And ultimately, the content you end up creating will be better and more impactful.





Would You Like To See Our Pricing?

Let us show you how to build a solid B2B content strategy. Use 26 Characters' Three-Day Content Strategy Bootcamp to: 

  • Understand what ingredients go into a success content strategy.
  • Get alignment on how to leverage content marketing.
  • Get access to the tools and processes to set you up for success.