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Do you Need Someone to Lead Your Content Marketing Function Until Everything is up and Running?


You've thought about hiring a full-time senior marketer to lead your content marketing efforts, but either it was too expensive, or you didn't want to make a long-term commitment.


Even though that may have been the right decision, you're concerned about not making much headway with your content. 


And you want to know something? You're right. 


But there's another path you may not have thought about to get you where you need to be in six months.


This package delivers everything that's in the Content Marketing Strategy in 90 days package, plus you get a Chief Content Officer for six months. This includes an extra 10 hours each week to help take you farther.


With a Chief Content Officer at your disposal, you'll get more support, be able to assign special projects and have more confidence that the content marketing changes you're looking to make will be permanent. 



Wouldn’t You Like to Have More Success With a Short-Term Chief Content Officer?

Sometimes you've got to make the extra investment to make sure something gets done the right way.

This service is all about getting access to a  content marketing veteran and having them serve as your Chief Content Officer for six months.

Steve Goldhaber, our Founder and CEO, will be your Chief Content Officer. Why is he such a good for for this role? Steve was in charge of global digital content at two Fortune 500 companies, so he knows what it takes to run these types of programs.

He regularly publishes his own content on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog and B2B Marketing website. He's had a variety of client and agency roles over the years. He spent 10 years working at Digitas, where he served as a Vice President of Marketing.


Build a compelling story around your company launch


What Questions Do People Ask Before Signing Up for Our Chief Content Officer Service?


Q. How much does it cost?

Click here to see the pricing.


Q. How long is the service for?

The content strategy takes 90 days. The Chief Content Officer works with your company for 6 months.


Q. Who will be my Chief Content Officer?

Steve Goldhaber, the Founder & CEO of 26 Characters personally leads the bootcamp. Steve is the former global head of digital and content marketing for two Fortune 500 companies. He has 20+ years experience in marketing, and knows how to deliver effective strategy work. Based on the industry you work in, we assemble a team that has proven experience in your industry. Have a look at our team and you can get a sense of our experience.


Q. How will we work with each other?

For the content strategy, we'll use a combination of workshops, brainstorms, and one on one meetings. Everything is tracked using our real time project management and collaboration tool, so you'll know where everything stands every step of the way. The Chief Content Officer position is flexible based on the  needs of each client.


Q. What is your current availability for this service?

We are only able to take on three Chief Content Officer roles at a time. Below is our current availability for  - 


2018 (open slots)

December - 0


2019 (open slots)

February - 1 

March - 2 

April - 2 

May - 2 

June - 2 

July - 2 

August - 2 

September - 3 

October - 3 

November - 3 

December - 3 





Would You Like To See Our Pricing?

Let us show you how to build a solid B2B content strategy. Use our Chief Content Officer service to: 

  • Get more traction with your content marketing program.
  • Have a veteran content marketer lead your internal content team.
  • Build a content strategy in 90 days.