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Do You Know Why Most Professional Service Firms Are Nervous About Outsourcing Content?


It's simple. They only trust writers who understand professional services.


That makes sense. So what's the problem? Why is it so hard to find talented B2B content creators?


Because it takes time to understand how professional services really works. Why?


First, you need to understand the dynamics of a professional service company. For example, how does the firm position itself? What service offering have the highest margins? And who in the company is perceived as a thought leader?


Second, you need to understand how each competitor goes to market. How are they unique? Do they say they have the best people? Do they have better access to data and analytics? Or, are their relationships strong enough to fend off the competition?


The other thing that's important is to how professional service companies back up their positioning with thought leadership. You can no longer say your the best company. You need to make a compelling case by showing prospects and clients you're the best. 


That's precisely why we created 26 Characters - to give companies access to expert content creators with proven professional service experience.


Did you know the average writer on our team has 26+ years of experience? Think of how helpful that is to your company. It's the ultimate "been there, done that", experience giving you a leg up on the competition.


What types of professional service companies have we helped?


- Financial Services

- Insurance

- Investment Management

- Legal

- Accounting


When we assembled our team of professional service content creators, we weren't just looking for people with good experience. Who were we looking for? Content creators at the top of their game. 


What professional service companies have our writers worked for over the years? Here's a short list:



Why is it important to show our depth of experience? Because our writers understand what you're up against, both inside and outside your firm.


Why is this so crucial when it comes to content marketing? Because if someone doesn't understand your firm, they can't create content that works.




What Professional Service Companies Will Benefit From Working With 26 Characters?

Who did we develop our content creation model for? Firms who are looking for someone to produce high quality content. Are we the cheapest? No. Will we create the highest quality content that makes an impact? Absolutely.

Do you already have content creators working inside your company? No worries. Use us when you're over capacity. Don't have any resources at all? Think of us as the in-house team you've always wanted.

We take each piece of content from planning through final production. You choose your content from a menu. We list out all the assumptions (i.e., rounds, format, etc.) so you know exactly what you're getting. We create. You react. We tweak to perfection.

No one has (or should have) the same content needs every month. And no one is more agile than 26 Characters, making it easy to change deliverables on the fly. Need a photoshoot and long-form blog post this month? Great. Let’s change it up.

Fixed pricing means no scoping process. So you can create content faster, with fewer hassles and no intellectual property disputes. You always own 100% of the files and rights to your content.


Build a compelling story around your company launch


"What's most challenging for content creation these days? Finding the right tone and content for the audience. For example, you need to understand what's going to "grab" your audience. My company has a variety of demographic and psychographic segments and we're always experimenting with the right message and content type. 26 Characters is a company that understands this. They also make it easy with their fixed fee pricing (and custom projects if you desire). I also like having access to expert content creators in a variety of disciplines. I recommend this to any medium or large sized company that needs a variety of content. The three most compelling benefits are 1) The simple menu of services 2) Access to expert content creators and 3) Transparency in pricing."

Want to Meet our Experts with Professional Services Experience?

Thomas  (Writer) - Professional Services

Thomas is a veteran writer and journalist with a knack for ironing out complexity. He is a former senior columnist with the Wall Street Journal, a communications writer for JPMorgan Private Bank, and founder of the prestigious wealth-management trade journal, Family Wealth Report. Tom got his start as a freelancer for the Financial Post newspaper in Toronto, Canada. He graduated with Honors from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, and after an internship with the Associated Press in Rome, he became a staff correspondent with Dow Jones Newswires in Frankfurt. Click here to see his experience and work samples.


Bob  (Writer) - Professional Services

Bob is a content strategist and copywriter with nearly three decades of experience in financial services, insurance, health care and medical device marketing. He knows his way around these highly regulated industries and has produced compelling content for dozens of exacting clients. His strengths include bringing a distinctly creative approach to marketing, writing effectively and intelligently in a range of styles to appeal to specific target audiences, and working collaboratively to produce high-quality work that gets results. Click here to see Bob's experience and work samples.


Kathy (Editorial Manager, Editor, and Proofreader) - Professional Services

As the managing editor for multiple global consulting firms and a trade book publisher, Kathy has edited everything from risk management thought leadership to rock and roll books. Known for having high quality standards, she keeps one eye on the details and the other on the big picture. A Grinnell College grad, she’s from Iowa, but Chicago is home. Click here to see Kathy's experience.


Corrie (Writer) - Professional Services

Corrie brings 20 years of well-rounded marketing communications experience, not to mention a great deal of enthusiasm, to her content marketing strategy and copywriting work. With a multi-channel portfolio including countless blog posts, direct mail kits, white papers, web pages, emails, social posts, and more, Corrie’s industry specialties include financial services and insurance, healthcare, and enterprise technology. Click here to see Corrie's experience and work samples.


Lisa (Writer) - Professional Services

Lisa is a writer, editor and consultant focused primarily on the investment management industry. She has nearly two decades of experience in financial services. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Economics and Literature. Lisa began her career working in advertising agencies, specifically in account planning and consumer research. Lisa believes that the more you understand your audience, the better your writing will be. Click here to see Lisa's experience and work samples.




Why Didn't Someone Think of This Fixed Fee Menu Sooner?  

This part is honestly less stressful than ordering a custom sandwich or burrito. Need a video, an article, or a social media post? It’s right there on our content menu with the price right next to it. You can also check out assumptions so we’re on the same page, and then your order is on its way. Can’t find exactly what you want on the menu? No worries. We’re happy to create your custom item with up-front pricing.



What Questions Do Professional Service Companies Ask Before Signing Up for Our Content Creation Service?


Q. How much does it cost?

 Click here to download a PDF with pricing.


Q. Why do you show  pricing on your website?

We're confident in the value we provide. We don't believe in charging different companies different prices. Also, showing pricing up front means we save you (and us) unnecessary meeting time if you can't afford our services.


Q. Why do you use fixed fees vs. hourly billing?

We've found that hourly billing isn't the right structure for creating high quality content. It creates an environment where content creators are encouraged to take longer. We also like fixed fees because it eliminates the anxiety clients have with managing their budget.


Q. How does it work?

It's pretty simple. You start by selecting which type of content you want from our menu. We then assemble the best content creators based on your industry and goals. After that, we kick off the project. We'll share work in creative presentations, as well as using our real-time project management tool.


Q. What if I don't see a content type on your menu?

No worries. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll send you a price.


 Q. How will we work together?

You'll be assigned an Account Director who will manage everything. They'll pull in the content creators for key meetings, presentations, etc. This gives you one point of contact instead of managing a team.


Q. How soon can you start working?

It usually takes a week to kick off a project.


Q. Do you offer a discount for multiple pieces of content?

Yes. If you're looking for a long-term partner, we can talk about preferred pricing.


Q. What if I'm not happy with the quality of the content?

We've never received this feedback from a client. But if you're not pleased, we'll refund 100% of your money. In return, you agree not to publish the content we created for you.




What Are Some of the Most Popular Content Types You Create?

Here are the areas we focus on:

Articles: Need to communicate a point of view or a compelling story? We create articles that can be sent in a newsletter, LinkedIn, or submitted to industry publications.

Infographics: Want to break through the clutter or make your boring product look interesting? Infographics grab attention and engage your customer so they remember what you want them to.

Ebooks: Looking to create an effective lead magnet to generate new customers? Offering an ebook can jump start your customer acquisition efforts.

Social Media: Want to stay top of mind with your customers, as well as be seen by prospects? Creating a steady drum beat of content will make sure people don't forget about you.

White Papers: Looking to communicate technical information or research? We do traditional white papers, as well.

Animated Videos: Trying to standout in a social media feed? Or are you looking to take your static page and bring it to life? Animated videos are a proven way to increase engagement.


Make sure your next product launch isn't just another blip on the radar.
 andy curtis
Senior Vice President, Global Bank


"It's hard to find people who really get your business. What I like about 26 Characters is they have writers with expertise in your specific industry. And these people aren't junior, they've been doing this for a while. Beyond having quality writers, I also like how they understand how content marketing works. They just get it. They understand the delicate balance of being information, persuasive and interesting. If you're looking for someone who can quickly jump in and help you create content, you should definitely check out 26 Characters. I highly recommend them."
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