Infinity-Loop2x.png Tech Startup Growth Kit (In 30 Days)

Scale the growth of your startup with content marketing.

Congratulations! Your brilliant idea has funding. You’ve crested that big hill on the startup rollercoaster and your company has incredible momentum. Now it’s all about picking up speed and scaling fast. Because that next hill looks like it goes straight up.

Relax. There’s no pressure when you’ve got 26 Characters working for you. Rely on supercharged content marketing to tell your story, help you rapidly scale your growth and keep you on track to success.

Instinct and innovation has gotten you this far. The next stage is kicking in the afterburners and using a powerful marketing engine to propel you upward. Let our content creators and strategists do the heavy lifting that takes you into rarified air.


Build a compelling story around your company launch


Our Proven 3-Step System to Accelerate your Growth 

1) Connect with Your Customer

Start by creating engaging customer experiences that foster interest while building trust and loyalty.

2) Enthrall & Inspire

Make your story meaningful and motivational for customers with specifics on how you can make their world better.

3) Stay in the Zone

Grow faster with analytics. Monitor, measure and adapt to squeeze every ounce of value out of your marketing efforts.

"Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything"  - Chris Sacca


Here's What's Included in Your 30 Day Growth Kit

Customer Journey Mapping

We develop 5-10 touchpoints representing key interactions involved in taking someone from interested prospect to loyal customer.

Content Marketing         Plan 

We bring the customer journey to life with a focus on the content that will most enhance the customers' experience.

12-Month Content Roadmap

We create a stress-free pathway to center your efforts, outlining audiences, channels, messages and narrative themes for the next 12 months.

Content Mobilization        Plan

We develop a content execution strategy tailored to meet your objectives, from increasing awareness and acquisition to enhancing loyalty and building relationships.


Add the Following Services Once Your Growth Kit is Complete 


Explain what you do in less than a minute with a highly visual infographic that breaks through the clutter and gets noticed.

Blog Post

Expand on the captivating parts of your story. These blog posts dive deeper into what makes you tick, and why your product or service is superior.

LinkedIn Article  (medium)
LinkedIn Article

Let people in your network know what you’re doing, building awareness and excitement about your company while seeking potential investors.

:30 Video  (Unscripted)

Choose your style – animation, talking heads or storytelling – to get your story out in an incredibly powerful way that draws people in.


Photshoot for 5 people    (In office)

Bring instant credibility to your team with professional photographs that you can use in any materials that you present to investors.

Social Media Post   (one social platform)
Social Media Post 

Use your personal or company social media page to announce your idea to the world. Post includes copy and a graphic tile of your choice for one social media channel.

E-Book  (moderate)

Give your storytelling more room to breathe. Show people that you know what you're talking about, and tell them how you can genuinely help them.

Enlist Exactly the Help You Need to Deliver on Your Growth Promise.

Your company finds itself in a place where growth rate is measured in weeks, not in quarters. 26 Characters can do more than help you grow. We can help you get better as you get bigger, maintaining the momentum and exhilaration you’re feeling now that you’ve got funding under your belt.

Content marketing might be unfamiliar territory, but it can cultivate growth and propel expansion like nothing else. We can show you how a clear strategy executed by some of the most talented content creators in tech can handle one of the most important tasks in your multi-tasked life.

Taking that off your plate can do more than making rapid growth achievable. Calling in 26 Characters can benefit aspects of your business across the board, from building your brand to retaining talent to influencing customers.

Make sure your next product launch isn't just another blip on the radar.
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Soar to new heights of growth. Use 26 Characters' 30-Day Growth Kit to: 

  • Build a solid foundation for your next 12 months of marketing.
  • Inspire and solve your customers problems with content marketing.
  • Maintain peak efficiency to optimize growth.