The One-Day Content Marketing Training Class The One Day Content Marketing Training Class


How Does Content Marketing Really Work? And How Should You Take Advantage of It?


You can't help but notice that content marketing has taken over the B2B space. Everyone is either doing it, or talking about doing it.


But why should you use it? And what can it really do for you?


This one day session is for companies who want to learn more before jumping into kicking off an actual content strategy or execution project.


Do you find you or your team asking any of the following questions? 


"How can we use content marketing to help us find new customers?"


"How does content marketing really work? How can we set it up?"


"Can we really pull this off? Should we build this team in-house or bring on a partner?"


"How do we know which channels to use? And how do we measure success?"


These are all great questions, and we touch on all of these, and much more in the training class.


Is this training for multiple companies at once? No... this is a private training just for your company.


Why did we set it up this way? 


We've found that in order for companies to get the most out of our training course, they need to speak freely about the challenges their business faces.




What Will You Learn in the One-Day Training Class, and Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

The short answer is yes. People find that learning about content marketing is extremely helpful. How does this training work? We come to your office and teach all the key parts of content marketing.

Here are the topics we cover: 

1) Understanding how content marketing works and the impact it can have on your business: The challenging part of content marketing is that it can have an impact on several parts of your business. We explore the different ways it can help, ranging from long-term programs to drive thought leadership, to sales driven programs that create a short-term lift in conversion.

2) Four case studies of how B2B marketers are using content marketing: We review some of the approaches companies are using to make an impact with content marketing.

3) Getting inside the mind of your customer to understand how you can solve their problems: Companies that listen to their customers' needs, and think about how they can use content marketing to solve them, will have the most success with content marketing. We walk you through the importance of surfacing these customer problems, and how to design content around them.

4) Using measurement frameworks to make sure you have the right tools in place: Having a strong measurement plan is essential to the long-term success of your content marketing strategy. Without this, your team, and your leadership, aren't going to be sure how it's working. And with content marketing, you're not going to have success overnight, so you need to get alignment on how everyone should be evaluating the success of your program.

5) The importance of a storytelling framework to effectively capture the attention of your customer: Creating content isn't as easy as brainstorming ideas and having creative people bring them to life. We highlight a proven storytelling system that outlines what each content piece needs to hit on. This ensures your content will consistently resonate with your audience.

6) Editorial planning and how it works: We're big believers that in order for a strategy to be effective, it needs to have tactical implications. We show you the key elements of a 12-month editorial plan.

7) Understanding the roles and resources you need to create content: Creating effective content isn't as easy as hiring a writer. There are different roles and production approaches to use for different scenarios. We outline what these are so you know your options.



Build a compelling story around your company launch


What Questions Do People Ask Before Signing Up for The One Day Content Marketing Training Session?



Q. How long is it?

Four hours. Plus, you receive two additional hours of consulting on the same day.


Q. How much does it cost?

 Click here to see the pricing.


Q. Is the training for multiple companies at once?

No. It's just for one company at a time.


Q. Who from 26 Characters leads the training?

Steve Goldhaber, the Founder & CEO of 26 Characters personally leads the bootcamp. Steve is the former global head of digital and content marketing for two Fortune 500 companies. He has 20+ years experience in marketing, and knows how to deliver effective strategy work.


Q. Is this in person, or over the phone?

We recommend everything be conducted in person. If your company is outside of Chicago, please see our price sheet for U.S. and International travel fees.


Q. How many training sessions do you offer each month?

We offer 3 per month.





“I recently attended a workshop hosted by 26 Characters. I walked away from the training with a full sheet of actionable tactics. The training was informative, simple and action-oriented. Thanks 26 Characters!"


“Steve from 26 Characters came into our office for a training and blew us away! We took away several new tactics we could implement immediately, along with a new energized approach to our social media content.”



Would You Like To See Our Pricing?

Use 26 Characters' One-Day Training Session to: 

  • Understand what ingredients go into a successful content marketing program.
  • Learn how other companies have grown by using content marketing.
  • Gain confidence in how to build your own content marketing campaign.