The Employee Advocacy Social Media Playbook

Your employees can be some of your best marketers – IF you have a clear plan to enable them with an employee advocacy program.

Did you know that employees have 10x more 1st-degree connections than a company has followers? You need to tap into this hidden network to spread your marketing messages, increase engagement and drive sales.

How about using social media to increase sales? Did you know that B2B sellers who embrace social selling are 72% more likely to exceed quotas?

How Can a Social Media Playbook Help?

Here are the biggest benefits. A good plan:

1) Aligns Everyone. The playbook is your best shot at getting everyone on the same page. Having this clarity is essential, especially in large organizations.

2) Adds Credibility. When something is documented and looks official, people take it more seriously.

3) Balances Strategy and Tactics. The playbook teaches and enables teams to have more success using social media.

4) Brings Order to Chaos. If you don’t have a plan, people will end up creating their own.

5) Is More Efficient. You’ll save time and money by eliminating redundant tasks.

6) Has a Measurable Impact. You’ll know how many leads are coming in and how much media equivalency you’re generating.

What's Included in the Playbook?

Our playbooks cover these critical areas:

1) Why is an Advocacy Program Important? This section grounds everyone in the benefits and is used to win people over who may be hesitant to participate.

2) What Channels are Being Used? We map out what makes the most sense, which, in the B2B space, usually makes LinkedIn the main channel.

3) How Do You Use Each Channel? With step-by-step instructions on how to properly share and track content, this removes the “I don’t know how it works” objection.

4) Customer Acquisition. We provide a step-by-step approach for how to sell more.

5) Customer Retention. You’ll understand how to provide an on-going publishing schedule to stay top-of-mind.

6) Key Messages. We take your existing messages and translate them into social media updates.

7) Content Production Approach. You’ll see how to create content from beginning to end, increasing alignment between teams and speeding up production.

8) Creative Templates. We build on-brand social media templates to drive brand consistency and efficiencies.

9) LinkedIn Starter Kit. We’ll create 25 real social media posts to give you a running start when you launch, which builds excitement since your employees don’t have to write any content.

10) Measuring Success. This outlines what goals are most important to you and how you plan on measuring them. We also create a media equivalency model that quantifies the value of your program.

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