Customer Engagement

Do you talk to your customers only when you want something from them? Having an ongoing dialogue will cement your relationship and take you a lot farther work as a better customer engagement method.

26 Characters helps strengthen your bond with customers by creating meaningful content. We do all the hard work behind the scenes so you can look good.

Having some goodwill in the bank pays off. The next time you need something, your customers will be more inclined to say yes.

How Can We Help Engage Your Customers?

To modernize your marketing and customer engagement, we can:

1) Create an Infographic. Did you know the brain processes images more than 60,000 faster than text? An infographic helps you stand out and communicate complex information.

2) Produce an eBook. Besides being a great way to generate leads, eBooks are 61% cheaper than outbound leads according to Hubspot. We research, write and design everything for you.

3) Create Social Media Updates. Let your network know what you’re up to and stay relevant. Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to support their purchase decision? (Hubspot)

4) Produce a Video. We can do animation or a live interview style. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make the buying decisions, and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

5) Write a Monthly eNewsletter. We’ll help you stay top-of-mind. According to B2B magazine, 59% of B2B professionals say email is their biggest revenue generating source.

6) Ghostwrite an Article. We interview you on a topic and produce an article that makes you look like an expert.

7) Construct a Case Study. We demonstrate your impact from a happy customer’s point of view. Publishing case studies doesn’t only help you sell more, it also helps you retain customers. 77% of B2B buyers in the evaluation stage cited testimonials and case studies as the most influential types of content. (Hawkeye)

How Does it Work?

First, we listen to your needs and come up with the best ways to meet them. Once we’re aligned, we start the creative development process.

We share work along the way to make sure we’re on the right path. It’s a fun process that’s a lot easier than you think. Once everything is complete, we hand it over to you.

Let’s talk about how 26 Characters can help you develop stronger relationships with your customers.