Business Development

Finding new customers is hard today. Why? Buyers are empowered with unprecedented levels of information. So sales and marketing techniques that were fresh five years ago are stale today.

Make your marketing relevant again with new techniques that can boost sales. Stop spending time and money on “selling” your customer. Help them buy with compelling and engaging information that connects.

Modernized marketing isn’t “soft” on sales. It’s 100% focused on messaging that’s meaningful, persuasive and designed to help you sell more.

How Can We Help You Sell More?

Here’s how you can benefit from marketing modernization:

1) Increase Conversion with a Rebuilt Prospect Journey. We’ll realign your sales funnel to reduce deal time and increase conversion. According to Salesforce, 58% of pipeline stalls occur because reps are unable to add value. Use content to overcome this lack of traction.

2) Lead with a More Compelling Company Overview. Captivate your audience with a powerful presentation. 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics. (Chip & Dan Heath)

3) Help Close More Deals with Improved Proposals. Don’t lose momentum when you’re so close. Stand out from the competition with a killer proposal.

4) Impress Prospects with Thought Leadership. Share leading-edge, thought-provoking content. According to a LinkedIn and Edleman survey, 39% of C-suite execs and decision makers said thought leadership content helped get a vendor into the RFP process, and 47% said it had a direct impact on awarding business.

5) Position Yourself as an Expert. We’ll help you weigh in with ghostwritten articles that build your personal brand to establish trust and credibility. 96% of B2B buyers say they would like to see even more expert perspective.

Sales enablement for B2B Companies

How Does Business Development Work?

How we help you with Business Development First, we audit as much as you want to identify areas of improvement. We map out your current approach and show how we can make it better.

Once the opportunity is clear, we create new marketing materials based on your enhanced prospect journey. We bring everything to life with our team of expert content creators.

Then we listen, learn and refine. We optimize your marketing based on feedback from the sales team and sales results to date, giving you a further performance boost.

It’s time to energize your sales team with more effective marketing materials. Let’s talk about how 26 Characters can help you sell more.