Infinity-Loop2x.png Tech Startup Pitch Kit (In 30 Days)

Because Everything is Riding on Your Pitch.

You have a game-changing idea with a ton of potential. Now it’s time to take things to the next stage.

How do you succeed without compromising your values? How do you make the world a better place? How do you avoid becoming the next Pied Piper, the fictional tech startup in HBO’s “Silicon Valley”?

There’s nothing fictional about the intense pressure and rollercoaster existence of a tech startup trying to secure funding to build a revolutionary idea into a viable company. As Pied Piper’s founder Richard Hendricks discovered, the story you tell can make the difference between the realization of a dream and a never-ending series of nightmares.

For Richard and his colleagues, the best intentions and unbridled optimism can't overcome a lack of marketing chops that dooms the startup at every turn. Their failure to articulate a clear consumer story leads to confusion and the collapse of their main product.

Using the power of content marketing, 26 Characters’ Tech Startup Pitch Kit can help you build the right story to create intrigue and genuine interest that can help you secure your next round of funding.


Build a compelling story around your company launch


Secure More Funding With a Compelling Pitch

Connect on a deeper level

Even the most data-driven investors want to be part of a success story that captures the imagination.

Uncover your "why"

Tell a captivating, human story that goes beyond how your product works to why it can make a real difference.

Stand out from the crowd

Make your story engaging and unique, and you’ll gain  investors and advocates.

"A great company is a conspiracy to change the world; when you share your secret, the recipient becomes a fellow conspirator."  - Peter Thiel


Here's What's Included in Your Pitch Kit

Story Discovery

We meet with your key team members to listen and to pick your brains. We collect the critical elements that make your story and go into your pitch.

Message Blueprint

We develop the key messages that will make the biggest impression and impact with your audience.

Story Creation

We craft a 3-5 page story that becomes the foundation for all marketing materials.

Pitch Deck

We produce a one-of-a-kind pitch – 10 to 15 slides that pack a punch and tell your story in an engaging, compelling way.


Add Any of the Following From Our Content Menu


Explain what you do in less than a minute with a highly visual infographic that breaks through the clutter and gets noticed.

Blog Post

Expand on the captivating parts of your story. These blog posts dive deeper into what makes you tick, and why your product or service is superior.

LinkedIn Article  (medium)
LinkedIn Article

Let people in your network know what you’re doing, building awareness and excitement about your company while seeking potential investors.

:30 Video  (Unscripted)

Choose your style – animation, talking heads or storytelling – to get your story out in an incredibly powerful way that draws people in.


Photshoot for 5 people    (In office)

Bring instant credibility to your team with professional photographs that you can use in any materials that you present to investors.

Social Media Post   (one social platform)
Social Media Post 

Use your personal or company social media page to announce your idea to the world. Post includes copy and a graphic tile of your choice for one social media channel.

E-Book  (moderate)

Give your storytelling more room to breathe. Show people that you know what you're talking about, and tell them how you can genuinely help them.

10 Day Rush Job

If you're in a time crunch, we’ll bring all hands on deck and get you everything you choose from our standard 30-day service – except we scoff at the calendar and focus on your pitch. (Full payment required up front to perform miracles.)

Make a smart investment in top talent.

With 26 Characters, you get senior level tech marketing expertise working on every aspect of your pitch. Our collective members have worked with startups across the country.

Our expert digital content creators and strategic minds have worked with tech companies big and small. We’ve been there to witness firsthand the ascent of today’s top apps as they have grown by percentages in the hundreds and thousands. Some of us are, in fact, kind of a big deal tech-wise. Our authorities have dwelt in the Googleplex, helped Box think outside itself, enhanced the image of Adobe, influenced the voice of Nuance, and faced crunch time on TechCrunch.

Make the most of your pitch opportunity by investing in the tremendous talent of 26 Characters.


Make sure your next product launch isn't just another blip on the radar.


We Even Give You a Choice of How to Pay:

Pay 100% Up Front

Have everything settled before you get to your pitch meetings. Download the menu here.

Pay 30% Up Front. 70% when you Get Funded.

To show that we believe in the power of our service, we'll defer 70% of our payment until after you receive funding. In the event you don't receive any funding, you don't owe us anything. Download the menu here.

In a Time Crunch? We Offer a 10-Day Rush Job

If you're up against a tight deadline, we’ll bring all hands on deck and get you everything in our standard 30-day service - except we scoff at the calendar by working nights and weekends. (Full payment required up front to perform miracles.)



Take the First Step and Setup a 20 Minute Phone Call

Make sure your next pitch meeting is a success. Use 26 Characters' 30-Day Pitch Kit to: 

  • Clearly outline what you do.
  • Develop a story behind your product or service.
  • Increase the chances of getting funding.