Stand out From Other Recruiters and Close More Deals. Here's What's Included...

White Paper (5 Pages)

The white paper is the epitome of the “show don’t tell” principle. A great way to reach out to new connections, the white paper gives prospective clients a taste of the work you do (and how well you do it).

Proposal (14 Pages)

After your client has expressed interest in working with you, this proposal represents an informal precursor to a contract. It puts your relationship into plain terms and gives the client a sharper idea of the scope of your services.

Case Studies (5 pages)

Showing how you’ve helped similar clients is a great way to build trust and overcome hesitation. These 3 case studies help you make the case for why prospects should work with you. (note: “as is” package only includes template)

Infographics (4 pages)

These two infographics focus on the benefits of working with you, specifically. One is focused on top reasons work with you. The other is focused on client testimonials. These pieces helps you make an argument about why you are simply the best.

Capabilities (18 pages)

This document answers the question: “Who are you?” By filling your prospective client in on info such as your credentials and your business philosophy, the capability overview underscores what makes you… you!


This third piece of engagement content provides a template for an MPC paper highlighting one of your top candidates. This is a great way to stay in contact with your prospect as they continue to mull over your proposal.

Emails (8)

Email copy for each piece of content you send to your prospective clients. The email communication reinforces your professional demeanor and frees you from agonizing over correspondence.

Thank You

Once your client has signed on, this piece of celebratory content reinforces that they have made the right decision and expresses how excited you are to move forward together.

50+ Pages Available in PowerPoint, Word, Keynote or Google Slides.

Here are some samples of what’s in The Recruiting Sales Kit. Don’t worry, this isn’t it. It’s just a preview.

Select How Much Customization is Right For You.

Purchase the Sales Kit “as is”. Or, add customizations to make it more unique. Keep in mind that if you buy a custom written package, you can re-purpose all the content on your website.

Includes Design Customization

We’ll customize the design to match your brand. Here’s what’s included –

  1. Adding your logo
  2. Matching your brand fonts
  3. Customizing the color palette
  4. Adding imagery (using royalty free images or images you have)

If you’d like, design customization costs can be split into two equal payments.


Includes Design and Written Customization

We’ll customize the writing to be specific to your firm. You send us the information you’re using today, we conduct interviews to fill in any gaps, and our team brings everything to life.

Here’s what’s included in the customizations –

  1. Firm service descriptions (up to 3)
  2. Team bios (up to 3)
  3. Client case studies (up to 3)
  4. Proposal letter (1)
  5. Adding your logo
  6. Matching your brand fonts
  7. Customizing the color palette
  8. Adding imagery (using royalty free images)

If you’d like, these costs can be split into two monthly payments.


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