Meet Richard


Richard is a professional ghostwriter, Senior LinkedIn Branding Expert, and blogger. His passion is to help businesses and individuals strengthen their brand, establish their credibility and prove their expertise. Richard has written and published 63 books on a variety of subjects (including 2 bestsellers), ghostwritten 16 books, and authored over a thousand of articles for blogs and social media. Previous to his writing career, he was the Director of Computer Operations for Trader Joe's Company for 20 years, and before that the Vice President of Consulting for two computer firms.

Richard excels at long form content.

He partners with various companies and individuals to understand the story they want to tell. Working in the publishing industry has given him a broad and refined set of experienes over the past 30 years.

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Richard has an in impressive list of individuals he's written for over the years. Due to NDA agreements, he's not able to share a list of who he's worked with.


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