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The Recruiting Sales Kit. Starting at $1,799.


It’s hard to get high quality clients with low quality marketing.

No one understands the value of recruiting like a recruiter. You’ve seen the fruits of your labor come to life in countless successful placements, and you know how grateful clients are once they experience the clear value of working with a recruiter.

But you may be wondering: why doesn’t this value translate into more clients eager to work with me? If you want to take your recruiting practice to the next level, you have to think about using marketing to help you close more deals.

When done the right way, marketing helps you overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Challenge # 1 – You don’t have a physical product. You’re selling something that’s invisible. Even though what you offer is an incredibly valuable thing, it’s difficult to express.

Challenge # 2 –  You’re competing against recruiters just like you. You’re great at what you do. But so are ten other recruiters competing for you prospect’s attention, and on paper you all look pretty darn similar.

Challenge # 3 – Your prospect doesn’t trust you. Maybe they see you as a snake oil salesman, or maybe they just think they can manage finding top talent themselves. Regardless, it can be difficult to compellingly argue for the true value of your services when your prospect is a skeptic.

Challenge # 4 – You want to avoid discounting your fee. While you may understand that you’re worth every penny, it takes a lot of effort to make your client feel comfortable paying your full fee.

Challenge # 5 – You don’t want to spend a lot of money. Your earnings depend on successful placements, and that means you keep a close eye on all expenses.

When it comes to creating great marketing, you have a few options.

Option # 1 – You can hire a freelance writer and designer. With gig services like Fiver and Upwork, you could easily find someone. The problem is that you can’t be sure they understand the business of recruiting. The even bigger problem is that you’re going to spend a lot of money. You’ll spend around $8,000-$15,000 for them to create all your marketing materials from scratch.

Option # 2 – You can hire an agency. This is a good option for a larger recruiting business. But again, the cost is a bit staggering. If you work with a recruitment agency, you’re probably going to spend anywhere from $15,000-$25,000 for developing all your sales materials. 

Option # 3 – You can do it yourself. You’re a hard worker with an entrepreneurial mindset. You can pull this off, right? Unfortunately, recruiters don’t have the time, or the skillset, to create high-quality marketing materials

What if there was a shortcut?

We created the Recruiting Sales Kit because we realized the three options above just weren’t enough. After hearing our clients tell us over and over that they were “stuck” trying to market themselves in a cost effective way, we wanted to help them out.

The Recruiting Sales Kit. Major Impact. Minor Effort.

Our Sales Kit contains everything you need to close more deals. What’s more, it’s been crafted exclusively for recruiters. The Recruiting Sales Kit mirrors how you pitch prospects – from beginning to end. It includes eight touch points, each of which is designed to help you close more deals.


The white paper is the epitome of the “show don’t tell” principle. A great way to reach out to new connections, the white paper gives prospective clients a taste of the work you do (and how well you do it). 


Email copy for each piece of content you send to your prospective clients. The email communication reinforces your professional demeanor and frees you from agonizing over correspondence.


This document answers the question: “Who are you?” By filling your prospective client in on info such as your years of experience, your business philosophy and your credentials, the capability overview underscores what makes you… you!


Showing how you’ve helped similar clients is a great way to build trust and overcome hesitation. These 3 case studies help you make the case for why prospects should work with you. (note: “as is” package only includes template)


After your client has expressed interest in working with you, this proposal represents an informal precursor to a contract. It puts your relationship into plain terms and gives the client a sharper idea of the scope of your services.


This infographic focuses on the benefits of working with you, specifically. This piece helps you makes an argument about why you are simply the best.


This third piece of engagement content provides a template for an MPC paper highlighting one of your top candidates. This is a great way to stay in contact with your prospect as they continue to mull over your proposal.


Once your client has signed on, this piece of celebratory content reinforces that they have made the right decision and expresses how excited you are to move forward together.

 Sample Pages From The Recruiting Sales Kit

 Sample Pages From A Customized Recruiting Sales Kit

 Purchase As Is, Or Buy A Customized Kit.

Recruiting Sales Kit ("As is")

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Thought leadership piece (5 pages), Email Communication (9), Capability Overview (16 slides), Proposal (14 pages), Why work with us Infographic #1(1 page), Why work with us Infographic #2 (1 page), and a Celebration & thank you piece


Design Customization

We’ll change the design to match your brand. These updates include –

  1. Adding your logo
  2. Matching your brand fonts
  3. Customizing the color palette
  4. Adding imagery (using royalty free XYZ images)

Note: This price is in addition to the base package.


Written Customization

We’ll change the writing to be specific to your firm. You send us the information you’re using today, we conduct interviews to fill in any gaps, and our team brings everything to life.

Here’s what’s included –

  1. Firm service descriptions (up to 3)
  2. Team bios (up to 3)
  3. Client case studies (up to 3)
  4. Proposal letter
  5. Email communication for each touchpoint (8)

Note: This price is in addition to the base package.


We Provide PowerPoint and Word Files To Make Your "Real Time" Changes Easy.

You don’t want to learn Photoshop, InDesign, or other complicated programs. We get it. 

Copy TBD

Deliverable 1 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 2 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 3 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 4 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 5 -xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 6 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 7 -xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Deliverable 8 – xxxxxxx (INSERT FORMAT – I.E. PPT)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase the Recruiting Sales Kit as is, you will receive a link to download your files after you’re payment is processed. If you want a customized option, we will have a kick off call where we’ll share our project timeline.

It depends on your package. In our basic package, we personalize it using software that adds your name, company, etc. to your content. In our advanced package, we assign a writer and designer to further personalize everything.

Yes. If you’re not happy with your Treasure Chest, you have 30 days from when you receive it to request a refund.

Yes. Click here to see the Treasure Chest in action.

Yes. We are here to help you with any technical questions you have about our service.

We accept all major credit cards. After your initial setup, you will be billed on the 1st of each month.

Built Exclusively for Recruiters. With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

With this monthly influx of recruiter-specific content, you are free to pursue the marketing strategy you always thought was out of reach. These personalized, ghostwritten materials attend to the unique needs of boutique recruiters while allowing your voice to shine through. Here’s why you can rely on our on-demand marketing program to help build your pipeline, reach new customers, and scale growth.

We know the recruiting industry

Our extensive experience working with small shops and some of the largest national retained search firms means that we’ve been around the block and know where you’re coming from.

We create content specifically for recruiters

With the Content Treasure Chest, you get uniquely personal content that revolves around identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent. This is messaging that actually speaks to your prospects – not generic filler.

We know how to make your life easy. 

No one is comfortable with complete disruption, and we promise to ease you into the world of more effective marketing at your own pace. The tiered structure of our monthly service allows you to take your time and discover what works best for your business.

We don’t expect you to pay if you’re not happy. 

You should get what you pay for. That philosophy is part of the reason we’ve set up our Treasure Chest program to give you more content-per-dollar-spent than hiring a freelancer or a full-time employee. That philosophy is also why, if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back. 100% guaranteed (requests need to be received within 30 days of when your Treasure Chest arrives).

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