We Help B2B Companies Create Great Content

B2B content strategy and execution. The easy way.

Stop debating between building an in-house content team or hiring an agency. We give you the best of both worlds. 

Content marketing is hard, but it doesn't have to be. That's why we created a new way to help you have more success with your content marketing.

We're a content marketing collective where you have instant access to your choice of expert B2B freelancers.

Our hand-picked writers, photographers, designers and strategic brainiacs are among the 26 best in the business at showing and telling what you’re all about.

Combine that with sensible pricing and a content menu where you can literally point to what you want, and you’ve got 26 Characters – a better way to create content.

We make content creation easy by using flat fee pricing.

This part is honestly less stressful than ordering a custom sandwich or burrito. Need a video, an article or a social media post? It’s right there on our content menu with the price right next to it. You can also check out assumptions so we’re on the same page, and then your order is on its way. Can’t find exactly what you want on the menu? No worries. We’re happy to create your custom item with up-front pricing.




We Have Deep Experience Creating B2B Content:


Accenuture Kaiser Permanente
Charles Schwab
Northwestern University Kraft Capital One



Not Ready to Create Content? Our 2 Week Roadmapping Approach Points you in the Right Direction.

When content strategy projects fail, it's usually due to a lack of clarity. This leads to others losing interest, or questioning the impact.

We've learned that Roadmapping is the best way to get alignment. If you need content strategy, we always start with our Roadmapping service.

This is a 2 week service that maps out how you should approach your content strategy. The output is a profesionally designed infographic roadmap.



Take the First Step and Setup a 15 Minute Phone Call

Want to learn how we can help with your content strategy or execution? Let's setup a quick call. After we speak, you'll be able to...

  • Understand how content marketing can help drive growth.
  • Learn how a content collective is a cost effective, on-demand approach.
  • Appreciate how our content creation menu makes your job easier.