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Starting at the broadest, brand identity level, we helped our client identify the needs of their audience in elaborate detail and map that information on to an arsenal of narrative topics designed to better appeal to their customer base. Additionally, by instituting an ABM playbook and workflow complete with a diverse set of marketing materials, we helped our client effectively leverage their sales force as an information distribution channel. This ABM playbook allowed our client to better measure and analyze customer engagement. We also provided our client with an institutional framework for the ongoing production of content. This plan added much needed rigor to the client’s publishing model, and supported their content publishing engine with formalized rules and governance standards that kept production in line with company goals.


Our client’s improved content strategy enabled them to narrow the focus of their marketing efforts and streamline their messaging. Our fine tuning of their content engine allowed the client to streamline their production approach such that they were able to continue churning out actionable marketing and sales enablement materials. This effort achieved its goal of boosting the enthusiasm and confidence of their client base. Moreover, measuring engagement with ABM materials allowed the sales team to identify defecting customers, which enabled our client to better focus their retention efforts.

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