Is Your Tech Company Using Content Marketing to Explain What You Do?


Did you know most technology companies struggle with content marketing? The good news is we can help. Our content marketing collective gives you instant access to expert B2B content creators who live and breathe tech. Combine that with sensible pricing and a content menu that lets you literally point to what you want, and you’ve got 26 Characters – a better way to create content.


Looking for high quality content to explain what you do? We're your go-to partner to create articles, infographics, social media posts, white papers, ebooks, animated videos and more.




Do you want to understand how to take advantage of content marketing? We offer a one-day training and three-day bootcamp so you can inspire and enable the members of your firm.




Do you need  content strategy that will help you grow? Our team has expertise with tech (hardware and software). We help you grow by establishing the right content strategy.



When Was the Last Time Your Tech Company Published Content That Really Energized Someone?

Looking to outsource your content to experts who really know tech? We create articles, social media content, infographics, ebooks, animated videos and more. We take each piece of content from planning through final production. We list out all the assumptions (i.e., rounds, format, etc.) so you know exactly what you're getting. We create. You react. We tweak to perfection.



Does your Tech Company Lack the Skills to Position Your Company as a Thought leader?

Do you find yourself asking how content marketing really works, or how you should be taking advantage of it? In this one-day training, we come to your office and provide you with the knowledge you need to understand how to unlock the power of content marketing. At the end of the training, you'll have the confidence and clarity to harness the power of content marketing.




Interested in a Three-Day Content Marketing Bootcamp so You Can Properly Engage Your Prospects and Clients?

Do you need a quick content strategy without breaking the bank? In this three-day bootcamp, we teach our proven system of how to develop an effective content marketing strategy. As part of this package, you also get access to our 90+ slides of content marketing templates and four hours of post-bootcamp consulting. Sign up for this service if you want to jumpstart your content marketing program.





Need Help Mapping Out Your Prospect/Client Journeys?

Do you need to get alignment on the best way to use content marketing for your company? Are you also looking for someone to build your content marketing strategy that really knows your industry? In this service, we build out your content marketing strategy in 90 days. We'll take care of all the things you need to have more success with your content marketing program.





"What's most challenging for content creation these days? Finding the right tone and content for the audience. For example, you need to understand what's going to "grab" your audience. My company has a variety of demographic and psychographic segments and we're always experimenting with the right message and content type. 26 Characters is a company that understand this. They also make it easy with their fixed fee pricing (and custom projects if you desire). I also like having access to expert content creators in a variety of disciplines. I recommend this to any medium or large sized company that needs a variety of content. The three most compelling benefits are 1) The simple menu of services 2) Access to expert content creators and 3) Transparency in pricing."


"Many companies face the challenge of how to communicate to a specific audience in a relevant way – one that motivates customer behaviors and/or attitudes. The challenge comes from not having the right in-house resources. The alternative is to use outside agencies that can be very expensive, require long lead times and usually require a long-term commitment. The agency model just doesn’t work anymore when you need great content.Companies need to be nimble and have tools at their disposal to respond quickly to an opportunity.


This is where 26 Characters can step in – filling a void most companies don’t even realize they have. 26 Characters has a pool of highly experienced writers, designers, animators and photographers. They have deep knowledge of key verticals allowing them to build relevancy with customers and make the content creation process easier for you.


The biggest differentiator is how 26 Character’s has a turn-key system. Companies can select which content is right for a specific project, and tap into a pool of talent. If you’re looking to increase performance of your current programs, or even put together a plan for the first time and you don’t know where to begin – but you know you don’t want to bring on new employees or use an expensive agency - contact 26 Characters to see how they can help."

 Howard Eirinberg
CEO, Kronos Foods


"We had a product launch coming up and needed a new way to tell our story. We didn’t have the internal bandwidth for the project at the time so we turned to 26 Characters for help. We ended up writing a long form article that told the complete story of our product launch - the challenges our customers faced, how the marketplace was changing and the innovation that went into our product.


We were very happy with how the article performed. They even shared a report showing specific companies who had seen our article. I was very impressed! Beyond being happy with the results, I also enjoyed working with the team. They brought ideas to the table, were good listeners, and delivered everything on time.


If you're looking for a company to help find new ways to tell your story, definitely check out 26 Characters! They've found a sweet spot in the world of content marketing."



What Tech Companies Have Trusted Us Over the Years?


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