Are You a B2B Company That Wants to Use Content Marketing to Get New Customers?

Our content marketing collective gives you instant access to your choice of expert B2B content creators. Combine that with sensible pricing and a content menu that lets you literally point to what you want, and you’ve got 26 Characters – a better way to create content.


Looking for high quality content to help your business grow? We are you go-to partner to create articles, infographics, social media posts, white papers, ebooks, animated videos and more.


Do you want to understand how to take advantage of content marketing, and how it really works? We offer a one-day training session and a three day bootcamp.


Do you need to align your company around a content strategy? Our team of content creators has experience in your industry. We build your strategy in 90 days.

Do You Know the 26 Ways to Beat the LinkedIn Algorithm?

We didn't either. So we did some research and testing to find out. What was the result? We increased our message reach by 2X-5X just by changing a couple things. These FREE tips are easy to implement and you'll see an immediate boost in performance.

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Need Help Producing B2B Content? We Create Articles, Social Media Content, Infographics, Ebooks, Animated Videos and More.

Looking to outsource your content to experts who really know your business? Turn over the nuts and bolts of content creation to 26 Characters. We take each piece of content from planning through final production. We list out all the assumptions (i.e., rounds, format, etc.) so you know exactly what you're getting. We create. You react. We tweak to perfection.



Need Training On How to Get the Most Out of Content Marketing?

Do you find yourself asking how content marketing really works, or how you should be taking advantage of it? In this one-day training, we come to your office and provide you with the knowledge you need to understand how to unlock the power of content marketing. At the end of the training, you'll have the confidence and clarity to harness the power of content marketing.




Interested in a Three-Day Content Marketing Bootcamp to Launch Your B2B Marketing Program?

Do you need a quick content strategy without breaking the bank? In this three-day bootcamp, we teach our proven system of how to develop an effective content marketing strategy. As part of this package, you also get access to our 90+ slides of content marketing templates and four hours of post-bootcamp consulting. Sign up for this service if you want to jumpstart your content marketing program.




Looking for Us to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy in 90 Days?

Do you need to get alignment on the best way to use content marketing for your company? Are you also looking for someone to build your content marketing strategy that really knows your industry? In this service, we build out your content marketing strategy in 90 days. We'll take care of all the things you need to have more success with your content marketing program.




Why Didn't Someone Come up With This Flat Fee Menu Idea Sooner?

This part is honestly less stressful than ordering a custom sandwich or burrito. Need a video, an article or a social media post? It’s right there on our content menu with the price right next to it. You can also check out assumptions so we’re on the same page, and then your order is on its way. Can’t find exactly what you want on the menu? No worries. We’re happy to create your custom item with up-front pricing.




Who Has Trusted Us to Create Their B2B Content Over the Years?


Accenuture Kaiser Permanente
Charles Schwab
Northwestern University Kraft Capital One


Would You Like to See Our Pricing?

Want to learn how we can help with your content strategy or execution? Download our pricing...

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