Want to End Your Content Marketing Nightmare? Outsource Your Work to Our B2B Experts.





What Are You Doing to Reduce the Pain Points in Your Business?

What's the biggest challenge you're facing right now? There's not just one, right? 


Does your pitch deck excite prospects?

If not, we can build one that gets more traction.


Are your proposals effective at closing deals? 

We can create one that increases conversion.


Are you using social media to stay top of mind?

We'll provide a drumbeat of updates so people notice you.


Are you using ebooks to generate leads?

If not, we can help you attract new customers.


Are you publishing articles to get noticed?

We can ghostwrite articles showcasing your expertise.


Are you using case studies to show your impact?

We can demonstrate the impact you've had.


How Can 26 Characters Help Your B2B Company Grow Faster? 

Let's count the ways.


1. We can organize and plan your content.

It all starts with knowing how to leverage the power of content marketing. We focus on these critical areas: solidifying your goals, understanding your audience, selecting the right channels, creating a storytelling framework, building an editorial plan and aligning on a content production approach. We offer a planning package that can be customized to the business problem you're trying to solve. We can also help you harness the power of your employees with an employee advocacy program.


2. We can teach you how to use content.

Sometimes the best place to start is in the classroom. We offer one- and three-day training sessions. Our one-day training session focuses on understanding how content marketing works and the impact it can have on your business. Our three-day boot camp is half training/half doing. We teach you our proven content planning framework and help you use it to get a jump start on your content marketing. 


3. Our experts can create your content for you.

Ready to create? You've got access to our team of expert writers, designers, animators and producers. You choose your content from our menu. We list out all the assumptions (i.e., rounds, format, etc.) so you know exactly what you're getting. We create. You react. We tweak to perfection.


4. We can measure and optimize your content.

Need to understand the impact of your content marketing? We analyze all the data, pull out key insights, and make recommendations to optimize your content. This isn't just about "pulling a report," it's about really getting a handle on how people are engaging with your content, and what actions they take afterwards.

Want to Meet Some of Our 26 Characters?

How Can a Content Collective Lower Your B2B Blood Pressure?

Ever feel stuck between building an in-house team and hiring an agency? 26 Characters gives you a more agile, adaptive and easy option.


What are the benefits?


1. You gain access to seasoned content creators who are subject matter experts in your industry.


2. You can scale your content production up or down based on your business needs, not the bandwidth of your in-house team or agency.


3. You'll have access to your "dream team" without having to make any long-term commitments.


4. You'll enjoy the ease of working with an Account Director who manages your hand-picked team.


5. You'll finally get to say good-bye to the scoping process you never liked (everything we do is on a menu).

What Do Clients Ask Before Hiring us?

Here are the most common questions -


Are the content creators really that good?

Yes. We hand-pick B2B subject matter experts who can also tell stories. Our approach isn't to have 100,000+ content creators in a database. We're small, but mighty.


What do you charge?

Most of our services are outlined on this menu. That makes it easy for you to choose exactly what you need. Have a look at the project assumptions to see what's included in the price. What happens if you go over scope? We work it out and keep it fair with hourly billing.


Do I really need to hire another vendor?

No. But the real question is, do you really want to continue to struggle with content marketing?


How long does it take to create content?

Not as long as you’d think. To be honest, though, the answer is "it depends." It depends on the deliverable and how long it takes for you to get approval inside your company.


Do you charge by the hour?

No. We used fixed pricing based on our content menu.


Are your content creation services guaranteed?

Yes. We offer the "very big smile on your face" guarantee. What's that? If you don't have a very big smile at the end of the project, you don't pay full price. You pay what you think the content is worth. 





Who Has Trusted Our Collective Members Over the Years?


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Have You Heard of Our “Very Big Smile” Guarantee?

Need some reassurance that we're good at what we do?

That's why we created this simple guarantee: If for ANY reason you don't have a very big smile by the time your content is complete, you don't have to pay regular prices. You pay us for what you think it's worth.

How are we able to do this? Simple. We know we deliver high quality work, and so do our clients. 

Won't people take advantage of this guarantee? We hope not.

For the record, no one has taken us up on it, which brings an even bigger smile to our face!


Why Are So Many B2B Companies Turning to 26 Characters?

Here's why -


1. We give you access to expert content creators. 

This means we're not forced to throw "open resources" at your project so they can fill up their weekly timesheets. You only pay for expert access when you need it. Once the project is complete, we go away. Until the next time you need us of course. 


2. Our fixed fees make your life easier.

We know clients hate the scoping process. Why? It was always a bit of a game that both the client and agency played. We think it’s silly, so we got rid of it. Our menu uses fixed pricing providing you follow the assumptions for each item. Every so often we do get a content request that's not on the menu. Don't worry, we can give you a custom quote, too.


3. We save you time and money over agencies.

Wouldn't it be great to have a large team working on your content? Um . . . no. Large teams slow you down and increase your costs. As a bonus, this also eliminates the dreaded meeting cycle scenario where Rick says, "Let me build on what Bruce just said,". Smaller teams eliminate the nonsense and keep things moving.


4. Our writers are aligned by industry.

You get paired with writers who have more than a way with words. They also speak the language of the industry where you work, with an average of 20 years of experience. Have a look.


5. We don't force you to buy software.

Some content marketing companies force you to buy their software to create and manage content. We think that's silly. With 26 Characters, you only pay for the content you create.


6. We're ridiculously easy to work with.

Why is creating content so hard? It doesn't have to be. We've made it very simple. How? You can order off our menu, kick projects off quickly, and track projects in real-time.


What Are People Saying About 26 Characters?


" Many companies face the challenge of how to communicate to a specific audience in a relevant way – one that motivates customer behaviors and/or attitudes. Companies need to be nimble and have tools at their disposal to respond quickly to an opportunity. This is where 26 Characters can step in – filling a void most companies don’t even realize they have. 26 Characters has a pool of highly experienced writers, designers, animators and photographers. They have deep knowledge of key verticals allowing them to build relevancy with customers and make the content creation process easier for you. The biggest differentiator is how 26 Character’s has a turn-key system. Companies can select which content is right for a specific project, and tap into a pool of talent. If you’re looking to increase performance of your current programs, or even put together a plan for the first time and you don’t know where to begin – but you know you don’t want to bring on new employees or use an expensive agency - contact 26 Characters to see how they can help. "



What I like about 26 Characters is their versatile team that understands the different ways to create and distribute content. They're great at making strategic recommendations for your business needs. In addition to being savvy marketers, they're also flexible. Their menu with fixed pricing is extremely convenient. Everything is clearly listed up front which takes the guesswork out of the budgeting process. This also saves time when you're ready to kick off a project. If you're looking for a strategic marketing agency to assist in the creation of high quality content, you should definitely check out 26 Characters. "





" We had a product launch coming up and needed a new way to tell our story. We didn't have the internal bandwidth for the project at the time so we turned to 26 Characters for help. We ended up writing a long form article that told the complete story of our product launch - the challenges our customers faced, how the marketplace was changing and the innovation that went into our product. We were very happy with how the article performed. They even shared a report showing specific companies who had seen our article. I was very impressed! Beyond being happy with the results, I also enjoyed working with the team. They brought ideas to the table, were good listeners, and delivered everything on time. If you're looking for a company to help find new ways to tell your story, definitely check out 26 Characters! They've found a sweet spot in the world of content marketing. " 

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