Why Do B2B Companies Struggle With Marketing?


They use outdated techniques.

The way we connect is changing, and marketing is changing with it. In a transforming digital landscape, some companies rely too much on old methods.


They can't prove
that it works.

Without the right expertise, it can be difficult to say what’s working and what isn’t. The right marketing strategy has to be paired with the right metrics.


They don't have
the right team.

Some try to handle everything on their own, but this can be chaotic and unsustainable. B2B firms need a partner who can scale their marketing program.

We Help B2B Companies Have
More Success With Marketing.

Build more trust with prospects

By leveraging the full spectrum of digital marketing tools, we make sure your new clients know who you are and what you do well. Build trust with content that speaks to your prospects’ and shows why you're a good fit.

Close more deals

A well-defined marketing plan makes converting prospective clients easier, which translates into steady growth. Project the confidence your company has earned, and inspire prospect confidence in the process.

Retain more clients.

Use marketing to ensure that your clients are continuously aware of your ability and eagerness to get the job done. Keep business moving toward that number one spot through a steady drumbeat of client engagement.

Demonstrate thought leadership

Don’t just blend into the pack. Grab the mic and put your voice out there with captivating thought leadership materials that get attention and build confidence in your company.

Make a great first impression.

At the end of the day, first impressions matter – a lot. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with high quality content that inspires people to lean in and listen.

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Glenn LaFollette
Glenn LaFollette
Director of Integrated Marketing
“As a global professional services firm, it's pivotal that our marketing strategies connect directly with our sales goals. 26 Characters understood that completely. They developed a social media playbook which helped our salesforce better understand, and take action using digital channels. Steve was a strategic advisor and partner throughout the process, and we were grateful to have someone with inside knowledge of the channels as well as the sales process, which was rare when we reviewed our options.”
Karen Bell
Karen Bell
Sr. Marketing Manager
"What I like about 26 Characters is their versatile team that understands the different ways to create and distribute content. They're great at making strategic recommendations for your business needs. In addition to being savvy marketers, they're also flexible. If you're looking for a strategic marketing agency to assist in the creation of high-quality content, you should definitely check out 26 Characters."
Becky Chandler
Becky Chandler
Sr. Director
U.S. Cellular
"My company has a variety of demographic and psychographic segments and we're always experimenting with the right messages and content types. 26 Characters is a company that understand this. I also like having access to expert content creators in a variety of disciplines. I recommend this to any medium or large-sized company that needs a variety of content."
Michelle Montalvo
Sr. Account Executive
My company sought an alternative to traditional agencies for better audience engagement. 26 Characters offers a skilled team for efficient, impactful content creation on specific projects. This approach enhances our marketing without the need for additional staff management, providing a streamlined and effective solution for our communication challenges.
Howard Eirenberg
Howard Eirenberg
Former CEO
Kronos Foods
"We didn't have the internal bandwidth at the time so we turned to 26 Characters. We ended up writing an article that told the story of our product launch. We were very happy with how the article performed. Beyond being happy with the results, I also enjoyed working with the team. If you're looking for a company to help find new ways to tell your story, definitely check out 26 Characters!"

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